LifeWay Digital

LifeWay Digital is my most recent Wordpress site that I was able to design and develop with Brandon Woodall. This site was a first of it's kind because we decided to work on illustrations to connect with the brand. It was a lot of fun to work on this project and I hope you enjoy the site.

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Bible Studies For Life

This site is probably one of my favourites. My trusty partner Justin Aven, and I worked together on the development of this site. We were able to create a lot of re-usable sections of code, which imporoved the efficiency and made the job a lot easier for the client. So much work went into it and we both are pretty proud of it. Why not check it out?!

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Bible Studies For Life
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The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project Refresh was a fun one to work on considering I was able to partner with Brandon Woodall a.k.a "Woody", my remarkable co-worker. I learnt a lot more about PHP and further developed my collaborating skills, which resulted in a beautiful web display and amazing responsiveness. Because this site was such a success, Woody and I put together documentation to track the process of development for this site, which in turn is becoming the backbone of the way our team develops in Wordpress.

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Biblia Estudio para Mujeres

Biblia Estudio para Mujeres is a website I developed using a Genesis WordPress theme to support a spanish version of a women's study bible. I was able to incorporate a personally coded video modal pop-up which was fun to work on. I partnered with Brandon Woodall on this one. He designed the website and assisted with development.

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Biblia Estudio Para Mujeres
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LifeWay Books

This site followed the typical blog layout, but added some unique twists and direction. As with a lot of my other projects, I worked on this with Brandon Woodall. We both worked on the design and the development of this site. We really like the simplicity and beauty the site ties together, and like all of my other projects, it's fully responsive and takes into consideration mobile friendliness.

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